With our great effort, We envision Bright future of our students and staff. We will become know Nationally as an institute that makes a difference.




To achieve our aim we made good upbringing of student and welfare of the staff as our mission, so that we stay focused and result oriented .




Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.


Mr. Manoj Pandey
Honorable Founder

Founder's Message

We Admire to make our students excel in terms of thought and performance. To achieve this goal we work with great commitment and dedication.
Here, we continuously ensure that students enjoy a happy, safe and healthy environment.
We welcome you to join us and feel the blend of quality and invovation that can change you to be the world class professional.

Mr.Shiva Nath Chaubey
Honorable Founder

Student's Corner

One of the very important characteristics of a student is to question.

Admission Form.

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Please Note - Online Registrations for all Class would starts.

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Admission Process.

Any student can take addmission after qualifying the class level test, Which conduct by our institute.


Course Detail.

To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.


Class 10th Maths Solutions .

Chapter-8(Introduction to trigonomgetry)

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1. We offer classes from 1st to 12th.
2. We offers Competitive courses.
3. We provide healthy and happy environment.
4. We provide technological tools based classrooms.


10th Maths Solutions .

Chapter-9(Some applications of Trigonometry)

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You Tube Tutorial Video

Proof of Trigonometrical Identity-1, Sin2Ѳ+Cos2Ѳ=1.


Subject and Predicate(Basic level ).


MSCI सफलता आप की पहचान हमारी

 The MSCI INDIA Established in may 2017 Under the DIOS Azamgarh ( U.P ) as one of the growing institute for school level course and job oriented course .

It is founded by Mr. Shiva Nath Chaubey & Mr. Manoj Pandey to specilized education to their Students by offering Class room Studies.

The main purpose of this coaching institute to build up a bright future of the student. our institute is implanting quality education from class 1st to 12th and competitive based prepration. Our institute aim are the integral development of personality of every student. it will be our great effort to give equal importance to the moral as well as education development.


Mr. Manoj Pandey


Mr. Shiva Nath Chaubey


Addmission Process

Any student can take addmission after qualifying the class level test, Which conduct by our institute .




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